The State of Things (Weekly Update)

Summer is killing my kid.

Jane pictured here during a brief reprieve from End-of-Summer-Angst 

Okay, okay. Not literally. Truthfully, most of the summer’s been great. But this week… this last week before school starts. Ooof.

The kid thrives on routine. And people. This week, she’s had neither. Oh, I’ve been here. But I’ve been scrubbing the house from top to bottom, so I’ve been a little busy. And there’s that pesky work thing that I have to do. So, I’m home, but I can’t hang out. Not the way she wants me to.

And there’s change afoot over here. (No, nobody’s getting divorced. And, NO, we’re not having a baby.) Jane isn’t a fan of change. Or, more accurately, she’s not a fan of the anticipation of change. She usually just rolls with the change when it actually happens. Just like her mama.

Anyway, she’s missing her friends and trying to avoid being vacuumed up in one of my cleaning frenzies (which I suppose would be difficult, since I just have one of those dustbuster-on-a-stick things. But still). And I’m trying to be sensitive and loving. Which is kind of hard because a) it’s hot as hell in Georgia and b) the last thing I want when I’m hot, sweaty, and tired is 7 year old wrapped around me like a boa constrictor. So, Jane’s struggling; I’m waging an inner war not to be at 100% bitch level; oh, and the dog wants to either get in my lap or put her nose on every surface in the house. The surfaces I just cleaned, for the love of all that’s holy.


So, you know, that’s what’s going on over here. What’s new in your world?


(For the curious: no anvils yet. But I’m ever vigilant. I did look up a meeting list. That’s all I can commit to thus far. #anvilfree2018)

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