Shhhh… (Rise and Shine)

My hair’s kind of all over the place lately. It’s growing out from a pixie cut. Which basically translates into chaos atop my head. But it’s managed chaos. And I kind of like it.

Unless I have to blow-dry it.

My hair is wavy. Unless I break out the blowdryer. Then it’s flat as a pancake. No… flatter. A crepe. It’s as flat as a crepe. And then I hate it and want to shave it off.


So, obviously, I’ve got motivation to let it air dry. The GI Jane look is so 1997, you know?

Anyway, I asked my buddy, who has much curlier hair that is actually styled by a professional (my last haircut was almost a year ago), if she let’s her hair air dry even in the winter. She sure does. I think she saw my perplexed look–because it’s about 30 degrees in Atlanta in the mornings.

“Well,” she said slowly… “I wash my hair an hour before I leave the house. So it’s dry before I go to work.”

Ah, yes. Of course. Got it.

But I can’t do that.

Not because I am not up an hour before I leave the house. I am. In fact, I’m up TWO hours before we leave the house.


I purposely get up before the sun so I can start my day the way I want to. I get up and read and meditate and prepare for the day before any of my people (even the dog) have stirred from their slumber. Well, at least that’s the plan. Sometimes, I swear Jane can smell me wake up. And then she’s up, too. But the very hope of having a moment to start my day, of having a cup of coffee without a soul asking me questions, that hope’s enough to drive me out of bed at 5:30 a.m.

And then, by 6, the circus has begun. And it’s a lovely circus. These are, in fact, my monkeys and my circus.


But they’re distracting. And before I realize it, it’s 7:10. And my hair cannot handle another round of dry shampoo. Well, maybe it could, but we don’t really want to test that, do we?

But here’s the thing, no one can follow me into the shower. I mean, they could technically. But they won’t because they’ve got relatively good boundaries. And while Jane won’t follow me into the shower, the very sight of me with a book in hand makes her remember the 145,000 things she forgot to tell me. Even though she just saw me a moment ago and her only concern then was whether or not I remembered to buy her a Lunchable.

That’s one of a million things they don’t tell you about being a mom: You will not be able to get a minute to yourself. Not for the first 8 years at least. But, while I’m jockeying for just one moment alone, I’m also very conscious of the fact that, one day, I’ll long for this time when she both wanted and needed me. One day, I’ll have all the time alone I could ever want.

Which makes getting up at 5:30 a.m. just to get some peace & quiet seem not so bad.



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  1. I’m dying over this gif.

    Also, I’ve been joking to Daniel about how finding a puppy has helped me keep my new year’s plans of getting up early and moving every day cause puppy requires a walk first thing in the morning. However, I haven’t quite beat her on the waking up so I applaud you. I dig this waking up to start the day on your terms. I’m doing my best to get to that place, too. Also, I feel you on this air dry struggle. My hair gets huge and puffy if I let it air dry, it’s very inconvenient to my mornings and attempting to look like a polished professional at work.

    1. Oh my goodness, the dogs and their endless needs to be walked & fed & played with! I have a boxer… so basically, she’ll be a puppy FOREVER. And the only reason I get out of walking her at 6 in the morning is because I work from home & can do it later. But that picture you posted the other day on your walk… gorgeous. I’m glad you’re getting some time with the pup. I hope its both soothing and restorative. <3

  2. I have curly hair, and when I want it to be curly, I use a blowdryer with a diffuser. It works like a charm for me and only takes a few minutes:-)

    1. I used to have a defuser… I probably tidied it right out of my house during one of my moves. Might be time to re-invest.

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