Nitty Gritty Review: Good Talk

Good Talk is on the Bookish 2021 Reading Challenge. And (embarrassingly) I totally discounted it as a memoir, because it’s in graphic form.

Which was so short sighted.

Because the art is really both understated (sketches over photos) and integral to the story she’s telling. And it’s all created by the author—which I’m totally wowed by.

The messages about race and navigating the world as a person of color who has some privilege in the U.S. (she’s Indian & upper middle class) but not as much in India (she’s constantly told she’s too dark to be pretty there) are presented in poignant little snippets that are both gut-punchingly real and small enough to give you time to really reflect on and absorb them.

This is the second book I’ve read recently (Minor Feelings was the first) where is spent a good deal of time marveling at how honest the author was about her own missteps about race and (in this case) sexuality. It’s instructive to see women of color position themselves in conversations where they acknowledged their own privilege and are teachable when they make mistakes. White women have a lot to learn on that front, and I’m taking my instruction where I can get it.

After reading this book, I found myself wanting to take Mira Jacob out for coffee, to talk with her, and to celebrate her artistry & honesty.

This was a good one, for sure.

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