Prayer (or something like it)

The awe of a new place, that’s prayer.

Wonder-drenched wanderings, prayer too.

Shaking off fretfulness to focus on just this one particular, precious moment: prayer.

Laughter that shakes loose something long forgotten, a lightness of being, a freedom; that is also prayer.

Standing in the presence of art, anything that you decide is art (there are no rules here): prayer.

Sipping coffee in the morning, luxuriating in a brand new day… prayer.

A nod of gratitude for the tiny, free-flowing blessings that make up each day–that’s sometimes the sweetest kind of prayer.

It only has to look like paying attention, saying thank you, being present. An acknowledgement of what you know at your core to be true–whatever that is. 

It doesn’t have to look any way at all. 

You are living it anyway, always, your whole life a prayer. 

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