Liturgy for a Wednesday Morning

If you stumble upon a sunrise, that perhaps isn’t really a sunrise so much as morning light capturing your not-yet-caffeinated-enough brain, rejoice. This is a gift of possibility. Hold it lightly. See what it becomes.

If you glimpse nature in all her finery, which may look more like the slightly ragged, down-to-earthness of scraggly pines, long-fallen leaves, and a lake glimmering shades of washed-out jade, rejoice. The earth continues on despite our best efforts to bring her harm. Like a good mother, she returns daily, caring for her insolent and ungrateful offspring.

If, deep in your bones, there undulates a peaceful surety that the Divine is not out there but here, in all of us and especially in the people that drive you batty, rejoice. 

If you refuse dogma, description, delineation, labels, other people’s logic, and/or make folks wring their hands, rejoice.

If you believe so deeply–in yourself, in the Universe, in the Goddess, in the goodness in the world– that sometimes the sheer magnitude of it all takes you by surprise, you have a gift. Go forth and share it with the world.

You are simply and extravagantly the Divine making its presence known. 

The Divine will always make its presence known.


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