New Friend

I made a new friend. At work. Because owning a bookstore means my new friends come to me. I’m lucky that way. Anyway, this new friend, she’s smart. And a lot silly. She likes books. And she wears cooler clothes than me, which I find funky, inspiring, and (surprisingly) not threatening. She’s younger than me,... Continue Reading →


Today has an underwater quality. Like sitting on the bottom of the pool, cross-legged, watching the prisms of light bounce around, anchored by inertia and the bubbles cascading out of your lungs that kept you stationary, pinned in this world. The burn behind my eyes reminds me of those summers, too. The delicious thought of... Continue Reading →

The Words then the Meaning

I just wrote the shittiest first draft of the story (much of) my life is built around. How can something so near be so hard to pin down in words? But when the cursor blinked at me, a little mockingly, if I’m honest, I just kept pressing on, focusing on the tippity-tap of the keyboard... Continue Reading →

Out of Focus

My focus landed wrong in this picture.  That’s what taking a photo with my glasses on leads to: imperfect focus. I can’t see what’s on the screen. So I have no idea what I’m capturing. Just an image of what should be there. But then I thought, who is to say that bud there in... Continue Reading →

Cowboys with Imposter Syndrome?

Nah, that's not right. But read on for two reviews of outstanding new books. A Review of Lucky Red (Claudia Cravens) Released on June 20, 2023 Support Bookish & Preorder on Bookshop Lucky Red by Claudia Cravens helped me linger in that cow(girl) state of mind originally inspired by Yellowstone–then continuously fed by a whole... Continue Reading →

Reading Mary Oliver (with my dog)

“Listen, whatever you see and love—that’s where you are.”  Mary Oliver, Dog Songs: Poems For the past few days, Mary Oliver's poems have been my gift to myself each morning. With my coffee. Early, before everyone else gets up. Well, everyone except Delilah, who is up at soon as she hears me reach for the coffee... Continue Reading →

Liturgy for a Wednesday Morning

If you stumble upon a sunrise, that perhaps isn’t really a sunrise so much as morning light capturing your not-yet-caffeinated-enough brain, rejoice. This is a gift of possibility. Hold it lightly. See what it becomes. If you glimpse nature in all her finery, which may look more like the slightly ragged, down-to-earthness of scraggly pines,... Continue Reading →

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