It’s absolutely stunning in Atlanta today. The sun is glorious. Everything is blooming in an explosion of color. It is as perfect a spring day as I can conjure. Days like make it seem like anything is possible, probable even. Like the cosmos have aligned to heap blessings upon me. Then, I watched a hearseContinue reading “Contradictions”

Simple Wisdom

Just be where you’re at, right now. I know this doesn’t sound particularly deep. But it’s 100% my mantra for today. I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I don’t half-ass too much. Which can be good. Or not. Because, sometimes, that all-in-ness can translate into not paying attention to where I amContinue reading “Simple Wisdom”

Whatever I Want. Gosh.

I’ve run into an odd phenomenon. Maybe it’s best illustrated by a quick little graphic: Huh. Well then. To carve out space to read, write, and meditate, I wake up at 5:30 am. So I can get these these things done before the “real” day starts at 8. And, no, I don’t feel guilting doingContinue reading “Whatever I Want. Gosh.”

The Shark Stands Alone (with coffee)

One of my girlfriends, who I adored with what I’m now sure must’ve felt like stifling intensity, really enjoyed spending time alone. No, not like time alone with me. Time alone. Like by herself. This baffled me. What did she think when she was by herself? Didn’t she get bored? What was going on in her headContinue reading “The Shark Stands Alone (with coffee)”

Just Do You. Brilliantly.

I sort of threw Jane in dance so I’d have an extra day to work past 2:30 pm. She seemed to like it. But sometimes it’s hard to tell if Jane likes an activity or just likes hanging with her friends. I don’t begrudge her that. I like to hang with my friends, too. And if she’s hanging while she’s doing pirouettes or what-the-hell-ever, so much the better.