From the start, God has been with me. Since that is rather unremarkable, because God is with everyone, perhaps I should start another way: I have always believed in God’s presence. God made his mark on my childhood for sure. My mother worked in a Christian bookstore; we attended church faithfully every Sunday. I had... Continue Reading →

Staying with the Herd

True Confession: I don’t really do A.A. the right way. In fact, if A.A. & I listed our relationship status on Facebook, it would be “it’s complicated.” Maybe I should start closer to the beginning of the story: I like to be the valedictorian of everything I do. When I first set my sights on... Continue Reading →


My first few weeks of sobriety, the amount of time I had available to me in a day overwhelmed me. Sure, I was busy from 8:00 a.m. until about 4:00 or 5:00 p.m.… but then what? Should I go out for coffee immediately after work, like I used to go out for beer? Should I... Continue Reading →

That is Okay

I glare at the dishwasher, which needs to be unloaded AGAIN. I am living on some rung of hell in which I finish emptying the dishwasher, only to turn around and find it full again. I have a working theory that my family takes spoons out of the drawer, licks them once, and puts them... Continue Reading →

Finding Balance

She waits for her turn on the balance beam. My heart clenches. She’s only four years old; the beam stands as tall as her head, and she is afraid of heights. In fact, she asked to quit gymnastics because of this very beam. 

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