Whatever I Want. Gosh.

I've run into an odd phenomenon. Maybe it's best illustrated by a quick little graphic: Huh. Well then. To carve out space to read, write, and meditate, I wake up at 5:30 am. So I can get these these things done before the "real" day starts at 8. And, no, I don't feel guilting doing... Continue Reading →

Spirit Guides & Spirit Warriors

When I was 26, deep in the throes of active addiction and hell-bent on my own destruction, I thought I was pregnant. It was more of a feeling than a thought. But, because I needed something to grab on to, something to stabilize my free-fall, I started daydreaming who this child would be. Tellingly, I... Continue Reading →

Easy isn’t an option

I've been looking for an easy button most of my life. I wasn't born exuding what you might call a "fighting spirit." I did, however, seem to come fully equipped, with a tremendous need for black or white, right or wrong. Gray shades of ambiguity need not apply. Or maybe I did have an innate... Continue Reading →


Growing up, our family folklore contained a whole mess of cautionary tales against being ruined. The word got repeated so often, I can still hear its South Georgia pull in my head, feel the loss behind it. Ruination focused on one thing: loss and the inability to move past it, to eventually be able to... Continue Reading →

Pura Vida, Y’all

Because my best friend is an epic vacation planner, my family & I spent Spring Break in Costa Rica this year with 20 of our closest friends. Literally. Playa Langosta, Tamarindo, Costa Rica I could go on and on about this vacation. But that's kind of reminiscent of the 1970s slide shows that over-enthusiastic travelers... Continue Reading →

Sometimes Life Happens in Odd Places

"God is either everything, or else He is nothing. God either is, or He isn't." I sat on an overstuffed couch that was a little too deep for my feet to comfortably reach the floor in a church basement illuminated by lamplight. I sipped my bubbly water and looked around at the small group assembled,... Continue Reading →

Getting Unstuck

I've working on getting myself unstuck from a pretty significant rut. But good news... I found 5 relatively simple things I could do to reconnect with myself & the world around me.

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