Beginnings (Happy 2021!)

Beginnings. They’re so full of possibility. None of those bothersome details to work out. No negative feelings or pesky loose ends that tend to crop up when things get real. Beginnings are all magic. When I hung around AA, they were fond of saying “wherever you go, there you are.” It’s been true for me.Continue reading “Beginnings (Happy 2021!)”

This Is The Work

The first time I marched with Black Lives Matter, some friends were concerned. It was after Alton Sterling and Philando Castille were murdered by police in 2016. And literally the day after Dallas. Safety concerns were real. But safety concerns for black people have been real in this country since its inception. I could notContinue reading “This Is The Work”

Let’s Get Stuff DONE

Productivity has been taking up a lot of my brain space lately. I know. I know. Snooze fest. But really, it’s more about life management. And coping. Just stick with me. I’m relatively new to planning anything in my life. I totally wish I was kidding. But I’ve always had some sort of ad hocContinue reading “Let’s Get Stuff DONE”

Healthy Environment

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