Her palm-sized mary janes pump back and forth, each leg secured in a square hole, holding on to the bar, examining me carefully.   I smile behind my mask and wave. Then I lose the thread. Her tenuous attention shifts.  I’m alone in the checkout, suddenly mourning my daughter’s toddlerhood. Hard, long hours. Battles of wills.Continue reading “Wistfulness”

Her Timing is Always a Mystery

Parenting is largely intuitive. Right? Or am I doing it wrong? Because this really feels, for the most part, like a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants endeavor. It’s not so much the “where do babies come from?” conversations… those big ones are expected. You kind of get to plan for those. And, honestly, for us that one was easy…Continue reading “Her Timing is Always a Mystery”

Ground Control…

In the evolution of parenting, we’ve recently entered the tween zone. It’s a strange land, filled with Caboodles, lip gloss, ill-applied blush, and an obsession with all things unicorn and glitter. It’s a liminal stage. For us and our 9 (and a half) year old. There are things to be celebrated, for sure: a newfoundContinue reading “Ground Control…”

Now, What Happened Again?

Sometime around 6th grade or so, I got ahold of The Diary of Anne Frank. And suddenly, my world was awash in both the goodness and insight of a 13 year old European Jewish girl from forty years ago and the abject horror that human nature can unleash. Both. At the very same time. I,Continue reading “Now, What Happened Again?”

How Does She Manage This Stuff?

When I arrive back home from my daily sojourn to deliver books, Jane meets me in the kitchen to regale me with tales from her day. Or to stand there repeatedly asking what we’re having for dinner. Either way. Earlier this week, she proudly announced that she’d struck a deal with her father wherein heContinue reading “How Does She Manage This Stuff?”

Quarantine is…

new, punk-rock haircuts. Because, why not? a whole lot of Little Debbies. (Literally. New day, new Debbie.) worrying about folks who play like they’re oblivious to the pandemic. walking the dog, running, and taking a bike ride. All in the same morning. deep, real grief at the loss of physical connection. watching our 9 yearContinue reading “Quarantine is…”

Is There An “Easy” Setting for this Parenting Game?

My kid is easy to parent. Mostly. I guess what’s more accurate is that she’s kind of an old soul. And her emotional intelligence is spot on. So it doesn’t take a lot of explaining to get her to see someone else’s point of view or to get her to make an empathic leap. But,Continue reading “Is There An “Easy” Setting for this Parenting Game?”

The Nitty Gritty: A Remotely Intellectual Review of Hey, Kiddo.

True confession time: I’d never read a graphic novel before Hey, Kiddo.   I know.   But, of course, the first graphic novel I grab is a memoir that tackles super-heavy stuff like addiction, loss, and belonging. Because tights and capes are overrated.  I picked Hey, Kiddo specifically because it addresses addiction. I often wonder about how to talk toContinue reading “The Nitty Gritty: A Remotely Intellectual Review of Hey, Kiddo.”