In case y'all are keeping tabs on my progression through the pandemic phases, we've now reached the "I-Want-to-Create-Full-Blown-Chaos" stage. Perhaps y'all are unfamiliar with that stage. It's the one where you up and quit your job or buy a new house/boat/car or get a puppy or cut bangs. You know, something that adds flair and... Continue Reading →

Busy, busy, busy

I'm not a huge fan of being told what to do (that's a tremendous understatement). This is a for real problem. The books we pick for book club at the bookstore that I own? I procrastinate reading them until the absolute last minute. Why? Because someone told me I had to read them. Yep, even... Continue Reading →

Quarantine is…

new, punk-rock haircuts. Because, why not? a whole lot of Little Debbies. (Literally. New day, new Debbie.) worrying about folks who play like they're oblivious to the pandemic. walking the dog, running, and taking a bike ride. All in the same morning. deep, real grief at the loss of physical connection. watching our 9 year... Continue Reading →

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