Inner Voices are Bananas

Folks used to say AA would completely ruin drinking for you. Obvi, right? But here's a truth you have to understand before that statement can make one iota of sense to you: addiction is based on lies. In active addiction, you lie to yourself. To other people. To the Universe. And the lie that keeps... Continue Reading →

But Is It SPIRITUAL Enough?

Since I started writing every weekday, my meditation practice has gotten bumped. Which, you know, is about the worst idea ever. But I've got this idea that all the "for me" things have to be done before 8 a.m.* Except running. Which I'm willing to fit in whenever--because I need people to like me, and... Continue Reading →

That First Cup of Coffee

I love mornings: the sun's slow, upward climb; the quiet; the COFFEE. But I don't wake up perky. It's a little fuzzy in my brain first thing in the morning. And I'm real sleepy until that first cup of coffee.

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